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Hating Social Networking Just Got Easier With ‘Hater’ App

AUSTIN — Hater is a new app, denounced during a 2013 SXSW conference, that encourages users to share their grievances rather than post about all their favorite things.

On a Hater app, users don’t press a Like symbol for their friend’s posts and pictures. They loathing them instead, banding together and fastening over a frustrations of bland life such as bad weather, trade delays or a rising trend of a duck face.

Like Instagram, users have a feed where they can share text-based “rants,” upload or take cinema and tab their friends or followers. Others can share in a misery, contributing their possess pain points and fastening over a mutual dislikes. The many hated equipment burble adult to a tip of a renouned lists, providing a real-time feed about things people hate.

Hater App

Despite being a amicable network wholly dedicated to hate, Hater isn’t disturbed about cyberbullying. “Online bullying occurs on any amicable network, regardless of a thesis of any app,” pronounced Holly Dietrich, Project Manager for a Hater app. “Hater has methods for stating any inapt posts, and we thing a app can indeed have certain formula from all a hate.”

Dietrich explained that good things can occur when people rope together and loathing a disastrous things in a world, such as cancer and war. Despite a app’s disastrous bent, a group has lofty dreams, giving people a place to opening their loathing in sequence to pierce about certain change in a world. And maybe they’ll revoke a series of Crocs wearers while they’re during it.

Hater only strike a iOS App Store Saturday, only in time for a Interactive apportionment of SXSW. While a association did demonstrate hopes to enhance to other platforms, there are now no central skeleton to develop over Apple’s ecosystem — a pierce that many Android users would loathing if they had a chance.

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